The President of the Republic of Angola, H.E. João Lourenço has requested Dr. Rubar S. Sandi, Chairman and CEO of TSG Global Holdings to support his mission to diversify Angola’s economy, thus reducing their dependence on oil production, creating sustainable economic growth, reducing imports, increasing exports and creating jobs for the local people.

On the 9th of November 2017, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between TSG Global Holdings and the Government of Angola for a period of 10 years, engaging TSG to drive and undertake projects across a wide array of sectors throughout Angola.

We are happy to support the realization of H.E. João Lourenço’s vision for Angola, and to help in building a solid economic foundation for the future of a nation where almost 50% of the population is under the age of 16.

TSG Global Holdings has developed an expertise in the successful completion of projects in transitioning regions under diverse and challenging circumstances. We have almost two decades of experience working in many African countries and are able to provide unique and complementary skills in support of African development in various sectors including, but not limited to, energy, agriculture, medical and health services, infrastructure, mining, security and real estate development. Our hands-on approach, from the close cooperation with our partners and investors to the transfer of management and know-how to the local people, is a key factor in achieving our goals.

One such example of TSG’s success in Africa was our creation of a Social and Economic development plan for South Sudan. This undertaking was licensed and registered with the Sudanese Ministry of Trade, and included education, infrastructural development, telecommunications, agricultural development and training, and medical and healthcare services.

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TSG has a strong sense of social responsibility and continuously works with, and supports, numerous United Nations (UN) agencies around the world that help in critical areas of need such as health, clean water and food security. We also donate independently to numerous different causes including scholarship programs for underprivileged youths, housing programs, and agricultural programs.

It is due to our solid reputation, decades of experience and stellar past performance that H.E President João Lourenço has entrusted TSG Global Holdings with the task of rebuilding Angola and transforming the country to become the gem of Africa.